caring for people through plants



For recreational cannabis shopping in Portland Maine’s West End. 

Recreational Hours of Operation


12PM – 10PM

Live a lifted life

We carry a full line of greatoptions for your strain selectionin flower, edibles, tinctures,topicals and more.

Locally grown and
hand crafted

Maine is our stomping ground. Headquartered in downtown Portland, all of our products are locally grown, and hand crafted.

Batch tempered, hand
poured hand wrapped

We specialize in small batch edibles and confections. Each piece is carefully crafted and dosed for best experience.

Worry Free

We never use harmful chemicals or pesticides in our garden, so we wouldn’t think of using them in our edibles. We promise no added or unnecessary ingredients.


All Kind Medical Services are currently on hiatus due to lack of staffing. 
We Apologize for the inconvenience. 

Every day is a new opportunity to heal.

Conveniently located in downtown Portland, Maine, All Kind provides locally grown, handcrafted cannabis edibles, tinctures, infusions, and flower.

Your health and happiness are our priority. Our products provide relief, promote wellness, and enable you to be your best self.

Choose All Kind by paid appointment for:

  • Personal Product Recommendations
  • Private Appointments
  • Personal Caregiver Guidance

We offer a full line of accurately dosed confections that are the perfect blend of simplicity and taste. You can also choose from a wide strain selection of flower as well as concentrates. 


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