Thanks for finding us! We would be happy to connect and learning about your store, however, we are putting new vendors on hold until later in the month. If you’re still interested in becoming a retailer after July 20, please check back then.

We offer our products for resale at wholesale prices. Whether you are an established business, or an individual interested in becoming a caregiver, we would love to become your supplier.

Why Sell Our Products

All Kind products are high quality, worry free and accurately dosed. We put significant effort into ensuring that each product tastes great and acts as intended. We use only the best natural ingredients in our infusions and other edibles so you can rest assured that your patients, clients, and friends are well treated.

We have established a high level of trust in our community, and when you sell our products, your patients will know that they can trust your recommendations for healing relief.

The Process

You need three things prior to becoming a reseller:

  • Resale Certificate (CBD resellers need this and our signed agreement only)
  • Terms of Sale: Reseller Agreement and Caregiver Sign-Up Form
  • Medical Marijuana License or Adult Program License

We verify that your business holds the correct licenses and credentials and
that the process is complete before you place your order. Lining up all these
things puts you in position for smooth reselling.

Apply to Become a Reseller